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Working with Clocks

Originally posted on LinkedIn. The concept of time in computing is as important as the role it plays in other aspects of life. For any non-trivial program, understanding the order of events (e.g., reading and writing data) is key to verifying its correctness (e.g., ACID for DBMSs); such order is...

Getting Started with Jekyll

Build Blogs and Websites with Markdown

Building a static website or a blog should be easy; thanks to Jekyll and GitHub Pages, this is true. GitHub allows users to host static websites for free; Jekyll, which is supported by GitHub Pages, allows creators to use Markdown syntax and templates to generate highly customizable blogs and static...

Post Runnable Code Snippets

Help Your Readers Learn Faster

Learning how to code or to grasp a new programming concept is no walk in the park. Practice is very much needed just like when learning how to swim or to fly a plane. The sooner practice follows the acquisition of knowledge, the stronger that nugget of knowledge cements. That’s...


Why Coding Needs to Go Beyond Solving the Problem at Hand

Imagine buying a new car, reading the driver’s manual, and taking it on a joyride into the sunset to enjoy its new features in action. Then, unbeknownst to you, the car slows down whenever you look at the speedometer. You take it back to the dealership, like any rational buyer,...